About Us

6177 E. Broadway Blvd. Tuscon, AZ 85711

(520) 790-9394


Roadrunner Bicycles is a local, family owned shop that started in 2005. Over the past thirteen years we have grown as a business because we strive to provide you with the very best customer service. We've helped our customers to find everything from their kid's first trike to high-end race bikes. We have rented bicycles to folks for week-long tours and afternoon adventures. We have helped commuters on their way to work and provided students with a fast and easy mode of transportation around campus. Our customers have come from around the world, Kenya to Canada. We are committed to our customers, be it fixing a flat tire, shipping your bicycle across the country, or helping you find the best and safest places to ride!

-Chip and Elliot Dumont

Open Hours

Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm

Friday & Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 11am-4pm

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Meet our staff

Chip Dumont

Owner and Founder

Elliot Dumont


"I love cycling because its has been a major part of my life from middle school onwards. It represents freedom, speed, self-sufficiency, empowerment and so much more! The bicycle provides these sensations without care of your race, gender, religion, creed etc. It is universal and almost everyone everywhere around the world can recognize a bicycle. "

Deidra Bustos

"A bike is freedom in many ways, it can grant independence, self awareness, and critical thinking skills. Cycling did all those things for me plus it gave me a confidence in my self that I had never felt before riding as a form of exercise and transportation. For me riding is freedom. "

Gene Holms

Gene has been with Roadrunner for 10 years! Not only is a star mechanic, he'll also a mean guitarist.

Jenny Quijada

"I love cycling because the community supports so many different disciplines that are practically different sports. Nobody cares if you're a certain type of rider, everyone will support people on two wheels. Cycling has brought so many people into my life and the connections you can make on a bike are unreal. I race road, mountain, fixed gear, and cyclocross and love each one."

Paul Cletcher